AVS provides a variety of services to an extensive mix of customers. Currently we provide the following services including food service:

Traditional Vending

Vending machines will be placed for no charge and will be filled on a regular basis.


AVS provides wholesale services to many clients within Alberta. If you care looking for an alternative supplier of products or is a business looking to have products delivered for staff events, AVS is a convenient and affordable option.

Complete Office Coffee Service and Vended Coffee Service

In the last five years the standard of coffee has risen dramatically. Employees in the work place expect a high standard of coffee or they will leave the workplace to visit a coffee shop. AVS can provide a complete office coffee service utilizing the latest in coffee dispensing equipment and quality brand name coffee products and accessories.



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Alberta Vending has been a great, loyal vendor of ours the past 11 years. They have always delivered a consistent and excellent service for our passengers and staff.

Albert and Sophie have been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing our excellent business relationship with them.


Executive Flight Centre, Edmonton Int'l Airport August 31, 2015