Mission & Core Values

Our mission is simple and to the point: “We strive every day to provide quality, top notch services that satisfy our customer’s needs.”

Our core values act as guard rails for our business and to how we conduct ourselves daily. We talk about and strive to live our values at all times.

  • Unequalled excellence in all aspects of the company
  • To lead and always strive to find the best way
  • To be prideful in the work we do
  • Hard work and individual productivity
  • Employee empowerment with accountability


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Albert and Sophie Eskow have been servicing Procor Edmonton's vending machines for twenty years. I remember when we first allowed to get some in, we were told anything but a cigarette machine. They come in early in the morning and always have a smile on their faces and a cheerful hello. Whenever we have had any issues with a machine, they have been solved without hesitation. Overall, Albert and Sophie have been great partners with us over the years. We are looking forward to working together for years to come.


Procor Limited Edmonton October 2, 2015