We pride ourselves on being a full service operator selling all types of products and experiences including snack foods, confectionary, fresh food, novelties, and hot & cold drinks.

Food items we retail include: salty snacks, candy, chocolate, fresh food such as sandwiches and pastries.  Beverage sales include sales of hot drinks such as coffee and tea, carbonated soft drinks, juices, energy drinks, sports drinks, bottled water and other cold beverages purchased from a variety of suppliers.


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It is my pleasure to congratulate Albert and Sophie Eskow for their accomplishments in the Vending Machine Service Industry. Eskow Investments has been maintaining our vending machines for better than 15 years. During those years there have been many changes and adaptations made to best accommodate the changing needs of today's society. We have had healthy choice options introduced at the suggestion of our employees and also installations at two of our other locations in the past couple of years. It is always a pleasure to see them when they do the re-stocking and general maintenance. They have provided quality products and service during the years it is our pleasure to wish them all the best for continued success!


Stantec October 2, 2015