Our company is passionate about ensuring our vending and office coffee machines are in constant operation. This means that our customers receive the best possible service without any headaches. We constantly re-invest in new equipment as this has proven over time to reduce machine downtime and as well, it allows us to easily incorporate improvements which are designed to assist us in delivering the best possible service.



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Alberta Vending Service has provided professional, courteous and reliable vending service to the Genesee Generation Station for a number of years. Albert and his Staff operate their business in a manner which we as the main Contractor on site, have grown to respect. Their services punctuality, the quality control of their products and equipment combined with a genuine concern for customer satisfaction make them our preferred supplier. Alberta Vending Service continues to uphold their high standards as well as our expectations in a very competitive industry. Thank you Albert.


Alstom Thermal Services October 2, 2015