AVS Advantage

The AVS Advantage

As a Central Alberta vending provider, we offer exceptional product selection and state-of-the-art vending machines – we also offer Edmonton & area vending advice and support to ensure your vending experience is seamless. Once your vending equipment is in place, you can count on the AVS distribution center for 24-hour service and support.

Alberta Vending Services is a long-standing member of our industry’s national trade organization, the Canadian Automatic Merchandising Association. With our pledge to maintain the highest standards of vending professionalism and integrity as set out by this association, you can be assured that AVS is committed to provided you with a vibrant and progressive vending program.  The level of customer attention and detail we provide business is unmatched in Alberta. A family owned and operated “Vending Solutions Provider” focused on providing worry-free vending machines to your workplace, office, school or business.  We keep the machines stocked and fully serviced providing you and your business peace of mind vending solutions – anywhere you need them!

Payment Systems

AVS invests heavily in machine payment systems ensuring that the consumer can purchase products through a variety of payment forms. 100% of our vending machines currently accept coin and 80% accept bills. AVS continually reviews payment methods for possible improvements to remain a leader in vending solutions and services.

Mobile Communications

All of our employees carry cellular phones to receive dispatched calls and communicate with the rest of our team. We also use mobile email so that we can receive what you send us at any time of the day.

Guaranteed Delivery

We use regular delivery systems on our vending machines to ensure our customers always get the product they desire in a timely fashion.  We have consistently provided on-time delivery of products and support for over 25 years.  Vending is what we do.


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It is my pleasure to congratulate Albert and Sophie Eskow for their accomplishments in the Vending Machine Service Industry. Eskow Investments has been maintaining our vending machines for better than 15 years. During those years there have been many changes and adaptations made to best accommodate the changing needs of today's society. We have had healthy choice options introduced at the suggestion of our employees and also installations at two of our other locations in the past couple of years. It is always a pleasure to see them when they do the re-stocking and general maintenance. They have provided quality products and service during the years it is our pleasure to wish them all the best for continued success!


Stantec October 2, 2015